1/6 dolls?

What are 1:6 dolls?

1/6 dolls are 27cm (11inch) or smaller ball jointed dolls. Around the size of a Barbie or Monster High doll. 1/6 dolls are not strung with elastic like the the bigger BJD’s, but have hard plastic frames within them.

Unlike Barbie dolls, they pose better and are very customizable. They work very well for illustrators who want a better posable figure to draw action poses.  Some 1/6 dolls (Volks in particular) come with there own heads that can be rooted with hair and painted. There are other heads that come already rooted with hair or have eye holes in which 6mm eyes can fit.

As far as I know there are a few companies that make customizable 1/6 ball jointed dolls; Volks, Azone, Takara Tomy (Cool Girl), Obitsu and others. Noix De Rome is another brand one but at this time I am unaware if they still sell their own dolls anymore.

Each company has their own body styles. Some pose less or better than others, the female figures have different bust sizes to choose from, and heads can be put on other bodies.

Also, Like the bigger Ball jointed dolls 1/6 dolls are some what anatomically correct.

They have a slight crotch but not like that of a barbie doll crotch.

More Info coming soon!!


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