I’m currently working on a kitchen for my SD’s.

SD kitchen

It still needs a lot more done to it, but that’s as soon as I can finish my other projects. I’ve built the kitchen small because as of now I really don’t have the space to make it bigger (I guess you could call this a tiny apartment sized kitchen). It houses a refrigerator, 3 floor cabinets which will work as a stove, sink, and work area.

cabinet (My fingers holdng up the wall cabinet) Still need to bolt the cabinet to the wall.

The kitchen lacks detail for now but I do plan on adding some soon. The sink still needs a faucet,  stove, shelves for plates/ cutlery, pots, curtains, and more importantly…..some fake food!


Marius seems to like it:)

I’m looking at it now, and realize that maybe I should have made the refrigerator a bit taller. Then again there are refrigerators out there that are a tad bit shorter than a person. I guess it’s alright for now.