Though I saved a lot of money for my trip over to the LA Volks store I ended up spending $100 over. I’m not mad that I did this because I got extra money from my paycheck. I still got somethings I wanted but I was sad that there wasn’t a lot of other SD clothes in the store.

The big shopping bag!

The first item I was after was a white skinned DD2 body with the 02 head (the mean looking head or Aoi character).

As much as I want to open her now and put her together, I’ll wait til I get back to Atlanta where my paints are.

Next was the necessary body stocking, wig, and eyes for her.

I got the silver wig for the Dollfie Dream girl and the brown for Mikah.

Blue Animetic eyes !!

Frilly skirt.

and lastly for the DD underware with tanktop. I really wanted to get my DD some better clothing but the clothes made for them were super expensive. Plus I wanted to get clothes for my other dolls back in Atlanta but the ones I wanted were out of stock. I really wanted this gray boy scout uniform for my SD boy and an outfit for my bigger busted DD but no go there. I’m sure I could backorder it from the Volks site but that means paying for shipping. Maybe a group order at DOA when I see one.

Lastly I got an outfit for Mikah. I wasn’t planning on getting this outfit but it was the only thing I could find that was really cool. I got him the Dark Wolf set. Comes with a pair of striped pants, black shirt, belts, and a choker.

I took photos of him in this outfit but they didn’t turn out too good. But I’ll put them up when I show off my DD when she’s in one piece.