I’m in my last quarter at SCAD and I plan to do some really good work before I graduate in March. A friend/Classmate of mine who graduated last quarter let me have her small house that she built for a different project. She knew I would use it for my dolls in some way so she brought it back to the sculpture studio for me to tinker with.

This house is an assignment for one of my classes.  I own a couple of 1/6 sized dollfies and I’m going to build house for them. For the project it won’t be a normal happy house but one that will make people think more about what is about to happen in the setting.  Before I get deeper with my idea I have to clean out the house and add some things to it.

As you could see so far, I have some stuff to do get rid of.

There’s 2 doors that have to be removed, the extra fabric floors, ribbon, mirrors, and finally it has to be painted.

Lets not forget about these plastic decorations.

I’m not superstitious. These mirrors were glued on with liquid nails and there was no other way to remove them.

Scratched two of my fingers good doing this because I forgot to wear gloves at first. Made a lot of noise removing the mirror. Plus it took me a long while because it was really stuck tight.

On the bottom level of the house I’m going to add two levels since the dollfies are not too tall. I used one of them to decide how high the ceiling should be.

Looks much better here!! I cleaned out the mirror and started painting away the original under coat of paint.

The painting took a while. I did three coats on all sides in white. The floor doesn’t need to be finished because I’m going to glue some thin styrofoam and fabric to it to act as carpet.

Still have a way go!! I’ll be back as this progresses with more pictures.