I accomplished a bit more here. Now that the walls are painted I started adding more detail.

As you could see I’ve added two shelves to make 5 rooms within this 1/6 house. I’ve also added two doorways and some furniture, but I still have a way to go.

The bottom right of the house will be the kitchen,

The left bottom an entrance way. A fake door and window will be put against the left side of the wall. I could have cut the door/window out of the wood but  it would have been very hard to do; the wood on this house is a hard plywood. Using a jigsaw on the doorway to the kitchen was not easy.

This upstairs part will be the den. I have the furniture in mind for the area but haven’t made them yet.

From the den the doorway goes into the bathroom.

Finally at the top will be the bedroom. The circular holes that you see are for a staircase. My professor gave me a great idea to make a really simple spiral staircase which I plan to build later.

Going down!!

This project is becoming more fun as it goes. I still have another room to add which will be a basement. It’ll be detached from the house and have a real spooky feeling.

I’ll be back!!