I’m getting more excited with this!!

I’ve made the simple staircase with ease. Also added in carpet-like fabric to work with the environment. I recently made a trip to the Hobby Lobby and bought some miniature doll sized flooring for the kitchen and bathroom; which I’ll show in the next post.

Not much yet with the bathroom but on Tuesday I plan to sculpt one out of Sculpy clay. The kitchen is coming around. I added a frame for a refidgerator, and a chair for the table. It’s hard to see in this picture but underneath the table will be a fake trap door. This trap door will lead to the soon to be made basement.


Pardon my naked, unfinished hair rooted doll. The upstairs room is really building up. I made a simple queen sized bed and a four drawer dressser. So much more detail to add next.

That’s it for now.

*Going back to finish watching Masterpiece Classics on PBS*