I wanted an EID from Iplehouse for a long time! I did have a doll I wanted in mind but this new hot doll came up and I couldn’t resist him!!

Yup, I’ve just purchased Tedros of the Noctarcana Circus!!! He’s actually on layaway but after two more payments he’s mine!!!

I ordered him with the beefy EID body instead of the model body (that will come later with another iplehouse doll). Also ordered him with the mobility joints, the black wig, regular acrylic eyes (the ones pictured were out of my budget), and the face up with the beard.

Unfortunately I didn’t order his super cool clothes, boots, and cane. They were just too much money. Plus there was the choice of buying his animal parts (He can transform into a Lion) but I really didn’t like them. I did get him the basic outfit set with some shoes just to start him out with something to wear. I plan to buy him more clothes later on.

EID Akando was my first choice to buy from Iplehouse. He’s another gorgeous doll that I had my mind set to, but I chose Tedros over him.

But I’ll get him next time around. I still have a name picked out for him too!! “Sylvian” which I got from one of my favoride music artist David Sylvian.

As for my soon to be mine Tedros I’m still picking out a suitable name. I have two in mind but will have to wait til he gets home to see what sticks. Probably another name from a good book I’ve read over and over again.