I’m way late in posting this but at this point I’m close to being done!

This post does contain some gory pics of the bathroom. If your weak then don’t view this and complain to me. The gore is fake.

The house looks done in the first pic but it isn’t. There’s still more things to add.

A pic of the kitchen this far. I’ve made the kitchen counter with a sink and stove.

I’m thinking of moving the table and chairs over more to the center. (Beneath the table is a doorway which will lead to a crawl space).

The entrance way. I added in magazine pictures for the windows and doors in the house. I used them because they were an easy solution for making it seem that there was an environment outside the house. The pictures were from a country magazine with nice photographs of snowy forests.

The upstairs den. All the furniture was simple. Couch, coffee table, bookshelf, small entertainment center, and etc. The TV and stereo are from a miniature doll making site I visit. It has lots of printable dollhouse props like laptops, food boxes (like the cereal boxes and chip bags in the kitchen), and etc. So the entertainment stuff looks real but it’s all made of paper.


But going on…the bloody bathroom is a part of the concept of this house (which I will tell about when the house is finally finished). The blood, guts, and bones are fake (obviously). The blood is acrylic paint combination of crimson, brown, and a little black to get the darker shades.

The bones are made of regular white sculpty clay. I made a soupy blood mix and created a sort of hidden crime scene. Notice the plastic on the floor. Before making the mess on the floor I had a sudden thought of the movie Snatch and dicided to put down plastic. I wanted it to make it seem that the owner of the house had an easy way to quickly clean up the mess. When the paint dried I added some spray gloss on top to make it look like the mess was recent.

Finished pictures of the house coming up!!