Finished!! I put it on display at my senior gallery show with some of my other art.

I added the last bit of items to this house. At first I was going to buy table legs for it but decided to make my own. The prices at the hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot) were ridiculous. I learned how to use the lathe so I bought some oak wood sticks and just made my own designs.

Notice there’s also roofing added. Had a hell of a time cutting out he shingles.

Horrible stuff; it was a sort of dried tar mixed with sand and micro glass that easily falls apart if cut too thin.

Not much was added to this area. Just a plant, rug and roller blind.

I moved the table more to the center of the kitchen. Then there’s the trap door to the crawl space!! What mess is hiding in those bags???

The den with a lot of missing dog flyers. My professor told me to add some missing cat flyers just to even it up. But I didn’t have the time.

And the bedroom!!!! Whats with all of the pelts??? (And again…this is all fake fur bought and painted from Michaels. No animals were harmed and neither would I harm any.)

The bathroom again but this time with a 1/6 doll. During the show I put 3 dolls into the house (two girls and one boy). The girls would play as the owners and fur culprits in the house; the boy would be the visitor looking for his lost dog.

Boy: “Have you seen my dog? He’s been missing for over a week.”

Girl:”Sorry, no. I haven’t seen any dogs around here, none in this house I assure you.”

With the way the house is situated I made it look like the girl at the door was first in the kitchen. She was hiding the left over mess from missing dogs such as bones, un-needed organs, and etc in the kitchen’s crawl space. When a knock on the door came the girl closed the trap door but forgot to lower the tablecloth. This gives us the viewer a glimpse at what is going on unbeknownst to the boy at the door. Meanwhile the second girl upstairs is trying to quickly clean up the bloody mess in the bathroom. Though she forgot to destroy the missing dog flyers in the den.

That is the story of this house if the were dolls inside. My professor mentioned to me that the house works by itself with no dolls. Which it does!

Without dolls the house has its own story. It looks peaceful…but

when your eyes roam around to the bathroom, the pictures in the den, and the bedroom that sense of peacefulness is questioned. “What the hell is going on?”

The title of this piece is called Missing Friend.

Thanks for viewing!!