I posted this some time ago at DOA. I bought a closed eyed DD head from Volks to play around with.

I wanted to make a different expression for Arienrhood (Dollfie Dream I w/H-03 head). It was going to be a sleeping head but I wanted a half closed eye. This was really simple to do since it’s vinyl.

At first I was thinking of using a Dremel tool to take out a bit of the eyes but an Xacto knife worked perfect.


This was my first attempt at painting it and it was horrible. I’m trying to go for a blushy look with the pink anime line marks on the cheeks. The head look like it had a high fever.

Sayuri: Whats the matter?

Arienrhood: I feel so sick. I ache all over, my nose is stuffy….*MOAN*.

Sayuri: Aw…let me help yo…

Arienrhood: BLEHH…

Sayuri: OH NOOO!!!

She looks too sick which is alright for another head but not now. So I started over redid everything differently.

Clean palette once again.

I took my time trying to dicide what I wanted done. (Bad lighting) I added  blush lines on the cheeks in a light and medium pink. Painted lashes in the corners of the eyes; I still plan to glue some cosmetic lashes to this head but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

Side View

All done for now!! (Need to take some brighter pictures!!)