HE’S HERE!!! Finally!! When he came out as a preorder in January I ordered him and payed by layaway. He’s my most expensive doll that I’ve payed for…but though he was a lot the layaway really helped.

I had my box opening at my sculpture building. My professor volunteered to take the pictures. With Tedros I ordered a basic clothing set, some dress shoes and his default wig. At the time of the preorder I couldn’t afford the default clothes or his cane (the cane was really cool!!), but I let a fellow DOAer buy the outfit in the order since I couldn’t.

The default hat..,

and boots.

Almost there!!!

Blurry pic.

He’s just too amazing!!!! I named him Jake from the J.L Langley book With Caution. I love her books and somehow I could see him as “Jake” than “Remi”. Remi I think may be more for an Iplehouse Akando…or maybe when the new Iplehouse SID’s come out there will be a Remi or Sterling…or Rhys…nah Rhys would be a big EID man.:D We shall see!

Putting on his messy wig.

His big, boat-like shoes

Putting on his clothes. I really need to restring him. The string he came with is so thin. He doesn’t stand up straight because of it.

The neat booklet he came with about stringing.

That’s about it for now. I’ll definatly take more pictures of this big man! Plus I’m going to start making some furniture his size next. I’ve already got some ideas in my head.

Thanks for viewing!!!