After graduation I fell into that realm of boredom. I was so use to being busy with school work but now that it’s finished I had days where I had no clue what to do next (besides finding a full time job). I wanted to make something but had no ideas at the time. I traveled to the library and found several old woodworking books. I found this simple design and started sizing it down for an SD13.

This design was made in the 80’s (the whole book’s design’s were from the 80’s), but it’s still interesting. The book also mentions that I could make a longer, bench version which will come later.

My crude drawing. I just looked at the book’s directions and pictures and drew it out in pieces in SD13 size.

Here’s the frame at this point. I still have the cushions and the swing frame to make next. I’ve sat Thierry in it and it’s a perfect size.

[More coming soon]