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I’m so happy he’s home!!!!!:)
I was a part of the Vampire Hunter D Minimee GO. I ordered him with Lefty White skinned.

I literally started ripping off the plastic after this picture. I was so excited!!


Look at that!!! That’s definatly Lefty!!:)

The best part!!!
(I’m speechless at this time)

When Minimee sculpted the first model his chin was too long and crooked. I’m so glad that they fixed the problem before he was casted (for free too).

For eyes I’m still looking through what I have to see what looks great on him for now.
I want to keep him in character so I also have to search for the perfect body and wig.

Plus I just remembered that I have to paint him…..but i’m too afraid that I’ll ruin it at this moment.

I’m wondering if I should pay for someone to paint him good or trust my own skills?