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Some months ago I restrung Jake (Iplehouse Tedros)…but he’s still not so stable. Last night I took him apart and looked at areas that could use some sueding.

For those not familiar with sueding; it’s when you hot glue small pieces of suede to unstable joint areas of a doll to make it stand or function better. Jake has always had some slipping areas in his chest, feet and legs, Hopefully the sueding will help.

Out of the box….

Tools: Stringing tool, suede, and eyes because I want to switch out Jake’s default ones to something more colorful.

Jake has the EID superhero body.  He has extra parts in his thighs for his mobility joints.

First I start with the knee area. When Suading an area I make sure that the suade doesn’t effect the joint function.

Doesn’t need too much. These patches are good enough.

Perfect! Without the suade the leg would have fell apart on it’s own since it’s not strung together. I added the same size suade patches to the other leg too.

I added some thin strips to the foot joint as well. This area really need to be suaded badly.

Torso area needs some support. (Only added strips to the front but not all around .)


Final area, which I call the butt joints. Two small patches toward the bottom.

I have all the key areas all done. I restring Jake and check out my progress.

He’s not to bad. He stands a lot better than before. I still have to straighten his legs and feet to make him stand correctly. I would never leave him alone because he still has a tendency to fall over. What would make him much more stable is a pair of tight ankle boots to keep his feet joints from sliding sideways.

Now some new eyes…

Jake  can wear 16mm or lower sized eye. His defaults are brown acrylic 16mm. I don’t have a lot of normal eye colors in 16mm so I try the ones I have which are my “blind”(No pupil) or two tone color glass eyes. Blind green eyes?? Nah.

Pink with red pupils?

Purple blind eyes? Maybe later.

Two tone blue….YES!!!

Should he look straight…or to the side?

I love it!!!! For him I think from now on i’ll only give him glass eyes.