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As promised I’m building a chair for Jake (Iplehouse Tedros). Out of all my dolls Jake is the odd man out because of his size. All of my other dolls can sit in the furniture I make them but Jake’s big and bulky figure doesn’t work.

Jake’s furniture (or any future Iplehouse dolls I get) will be larger than the SD furniture. I’m imagining making a whole room for him with a bed…. it’s sort of a scary thought at this moment. I’d need more space in my garage to make it work.

I’m making something simple and quick for now. Just something that I could bring with me to meet ups or at home for Jake to sit on. I can make more better designs later on.

Finished putting it together….

I made the design more interesting by angling the back legs. I’m not finished yet because I want to paint it, and sew some cushions for it.

To be continued…