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This is one of my new projects this year that I’ve started. I’m making a two story 1/6 dollfie sized apartment.

Right now I’m working on the bottom floor. I got this idea from looking at old Japanese magazines (Kira/ Smart). The magazine showed 20 somethings and their apartments or room. There were also diagrams of the floor plans and where the furniture was set. I’m using one of those diagrams to make a Japanese style apartment for two of my male dolls.

The wood I bought for the walls was this horrible thin Birch. I only used it for one wall. It’s something that I would not use anymore. The Birch kept pealing off when it was cut or sanded. I tried to fix the pealing with wood filler in the cracks but it wasn’t that great. I later bought some cheaper wood that worked better.

I’ll have to repaint the walls. I thought it was alright at first but now it’s a bit too much of a Minty Chocolate chip ice cream color. I should have stuck with the first color of paint in the beginning post picture.

This is the furniture for the first floor. It’s still all not finished yet because I have to add doors, shelves, and counter tops. Plus it all has to be painted. There will be a stove, sink, pantry, washer/dryer, table, and bookcase (you could see some of that horrible Birch wood on the side). I will also build a small couch for the opposite wall. I might take something out because it looks cluttered but it is a supposed to be a small Japanese style apartment. Also there’s still props to be made.

To be continued….