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Well, my depression has lifted away once again and I’ve started working again.  I did most of the small stuff like painting furniture, gluing miniature cutouts and repainting my dolls heads at my weekend job. This is the outcome of everything else as of now.

I repainted the walls again. But I’m still not sure I like it.

It just might be repainted yet again.:(

While I’m not sure what wall color to use next, I’ve bought some balsa wood and started gluing in the “Hardwood” floors.

After the whole floor was finished I started painting the floor. It’s not traditional stain for real hardwood floors but just watered down acrylic paints.

When it dries I’ll go over it with a matte finish to give it a bit of gloss.

Besides the apartment I was also working on improving my 1/6 dolls that will be living or visiting. They needed some serious work.  They needed clothes, to be repainted, and hair(Hair rooting).

Two of my male dolls (The blond and redhead) had bald spots because I had didn’t finish rooting their hair until now. The girl with the purple hair is a pre-rooted head. I don’t think I’m great painter but I’m glad their eyes turned out alright.

Now that my dolls are almost in character they need hairstyles. I went to the Volks USA site and followed the directions for a Hot water perm. Hot water perms are great for 1/6 dolls to style their hair. In the picture above the hair is wild from when I rooted the hair. The perm will make the hair more manageable.

First I set the head on the end of a chopstick, dampened the hair, and made a part in the scalp. Also during this time I filled a pot with water and set it on the stove to a low medium heat.

Next I wrapped the head in plastic wrap and tied down the end with a rubber band.

Did the same with the other two. The purple headed doll I’m actually going to dip in twice. The first is to make the hair more manageable, and the next to style it.

When the water gets hot (but not boiling) I set the heads in. I let them float for 10-15 minutes then take them out.

After 15 minutes I set them in a cup to cool (Careful, the water is hot when it pours off).

When cooled I take the plastic wrap off and the hair is damp and the part is nicely set. Time to style!!

This is one of my boys so I’m giving him a boyish style. (Or at least trying to, I’m not that great at cutting hair)

Dollfie Wig Mist. This is great stuff for 1/6 doll hair and Super Dollfie wigs!! I ordered this from Volks and it helps style hair. It’s sort of like hair spray because it frizzes hair into any style you want and stays until you wash it out.

Used it here!!

This is getting long so I will continue it in the next post.

To be continued…