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It’s getting there….

Looks almost like a messy move in.

Its all from me diciding what will go where. 🙂

Pardon the mess.

It’s not bad so far. I took a long pause on this because of personal problems, but I gave myself a push and started working again.  Also I moved my project into my room because the garage is starting to get very warm (Damn spring weather!!).

This part still need fixing up. Since the apartment is small I made a sink/stove combo. Still need to make the water faucet. I baked the clay stove coils today…but I may get rid of them and make the coils out of some flat board. The box next to it will be a mini fridge. The curtains were more easier than I thought. I was going to make them fabric but felt it was too much trouble. Printed paper is perfect. No need for sewing or starch.

The main owners of this apartment. No there not brothers or father and son. Their a couple straight out of a yaoi manga but of my own design. 🙂  Don’t worry, I plan to make the big guy some better clothes. The stuff he’s wearing now are some old ones from Volks originally for my Neo Go Guy doll.

Getting back to hair styling….

Making purple sausage curls….

This was not so easy. The wet hair kept unwrapping from the straws. The directions from Volks used rubber bands but since the straws were so weak I used paper clips which still worked.

For the red haired guy I dicided to keep his hair shoulder lenght for now until I find a good style.

Covered and time to boil!!

About 3 hours later after the boil/ cool down. (I took a break)

Cut and styled the bangs here. Also used some Dollfie mist to make the curls stay curled.

The back.  Not perfect but not bad either.

That’s it for the hair styling segment. The Apartment shall continue to be worked on.