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🙂 Still hard at work with making little sets and props!! Working in retail is tiring which makes it hard to not to fall asleep afterwards. I’m currently working on 3 projects; 2 1/6 doll sets, and an Mini Super Dollfie one.

I currently work at a “certain” department store which I won’t name here. The reason why is because I don’t want a “Facebook” pulled on me. I’ve told my coworkers what I do but I haven’t told them where my blog site was. You never know if they see something they won’t like and suddenly it’s grounds for getting fired.

Going back to the topic; at this certain store that I work at I’ve gotten some free stuff from them. My job is working with changing store displays early in the morning. When store props are no longer used I get the chance to take it home if permitted. I don’t take home just anything, only the doll sized stuff that would work well with my sets.

My 1/6 sized tent!!!

So happy I got this!! It’s perfect for the dollfies.

The plastic bottom could easily be removed or covered. I have an idea to make a camping or backyard BBQ scene.

I usually don’t get any other types of dolls other than Asian ball jointed ones but I couldn’t pass up some Monster High dolls.

There was I believe 6 dolls in a talking display case. When the Monster High display was taken down the dolls were divided up between other coworkers and myself. I definatly wanted the Franken-girl and Warewolf-girl characters (Sorry, I don’t know their names 😦

Since they were display dolls their joints and clothing were super glued on. I can unglue the joints easily with some nail polish remover. I really like the clothes their wearing now and would rather leave them glued on.

Her hand broke off when I was trying to flex it (before the nail polish remover). I can fix it with some epoxy putty.

What will I use these Monster High dolls for? Same as my other dolls. Make backgrounds for them and also I have an idea for them to appear in a story line with my 1/6 dollfies that I have coming soon. Though their heads are bigger than the dollfies, they’re the same hight.