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*NOTE* This post contains doll nudity, please turn back if you not mature or open minded.

I ordered a 1/6 Obitsu last week from The Junky Spot.

I’ve been looking at Obitsu dolls (big and small) for years but really hadn’t rushed to get one. I wanted to make my transforming female/snake character from an Obitsu doll…but after and looking at her, my female snake character may need to wait.

Obitsu’s are Japanese hard plastic/ vinyl dolls. They have ball joints but the insides of the dolls have a sort of hard plastic skeleton to make the body bend or flex.

I ordered the a 27cm white skinned, large busted Obitsu girl
(With magnets) and two heads. Unlike Volks 1/6 Dollfie’s which always come with a head, Obitsu 1/6 dolls come with none. Which means you have to buy them separately 😦

🙂 They gave me some little marshmallows too.

As mentioned above I got an Obitsu with magnets. There are two small magnets underneath the feet which means she could do different poses on any magnetic surface. They cost a little more than the ones without magnets. That little circle of magnet she stands on now came with the doll.

♥Doll Comparison Pictures!!♥

Volks Vs Obitsu

I wanted to take some comparison photos of all of my Volks dolls next to the Obitsu.  Everything from posability, joints, neck parts, body shape, knee joints and etc are different.

From Left to right: Volks EB Beauty-E soft bust natural skin, Volks Neo-EB light skin, Obitsu Female Doll Soft Bust 2 [With Magnet] White Skin, and Volks Dollfie Plus with Tan skin.

Also added in pictures of the Volks Boys. I don’t own any Obitsu boys just yet.

From Left to Right: Volks Excellent Base body(New EB-N) light skin, Volks Neo-EB-GO white skin, and Volks Neo Guy.
All together!!
Now as far as what I will make of my new Obitsu into, I’ve thought of making her a character from one of my favoride books.
I love Joan D. Vinge’s Sci Fi books so I want to make my Obitsu into Joan’s version of The Snow Queen named Arienrhood (from Michael Whelan’s art). The only problem so far is that Volks USA’s stock of white rooting hair sold out. Which means I’ll have to use my left over silver for this one.
I’ll show some photos of her in progress really soon.
Thanks for viewing!!