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“Kaffe” pronounced “KahFEY

Besides just making crafts for dolls I’ve dicided to go a more further by making a 1/6 coffee shop. This is what I’ve made so far..

I’m planning on doing a lot of short comic-like stories around this coffee shop. I came up with the name by thinking of star*ucks and how expensive their products are. I also thought of their poor workers who have to deal with a lot of crap from some of their customers and managers/supervisors. But if you work in retail (like I still sadly do) then dealing with crap comes almost everyday.

I’ve collected a few photos of coffee shops online as refference. Also a few secret pictures of the Star*ucks area at my work.

On the left is the soon to be expresso machine. On the right is going to be the small oven. I still have to make all of the other details like cups, the industrial coffee machine, cash register, and syrup bottles.

This is a picture of the bottle I made from Sculpy clay.

I’m currently experimenting with a plaster mold to make multiple bottles of syrup. I’m using my leftover Smooth-cast 305 70D Urethane Resin to pour into the mold.

When it cures it turns white.

I’ve made work aprons!!! Don’t they look like they’d be in an expensive coffee shop?

I’ve made 3 of them and maybe that’s enough for now. Maybe another one for a manager doll but would that manager actually work the bar or make the coffee?

Well this is all I have to show for now, but I will be back with more pictures when I get more props made 🙂