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I’ve already posted this at the Den of Angels site but I did a skin mod project on my Dollfie Dream I doll.

Some months ago I upgraded my first DD Arienrhood to a DDdy body (Dollfie Dream Dynamite). If anyone does not know about DDdy’s, they’re a more thicker, curvier body than the regular DD I or DD 2 bodies. The first body she came with was the Dollfie Dream I body which I bought when they first came out.

Dollfie Dream Dynamite body

DD1 on the left, DDdy on the right

Arienrhood Version 1 (Left)                      Arienrhood Version 2 (Right)

Now that Arienrood has a new body, I’m left with the DD 1 body.

I’ve always wanted to further mod a DD by coloring the skin. Since I had an extra DD03 head which was originally Arienrhood’s half lidded face, I dicided to create a twin sister for her but with a darker skintone. I found a good post at DOA about dying a DD using spray paint or liquid dye. I used spray paint for this project.

In the DOA post VHT vinyl spray paint was used. VHT is available at Amazon but not in my area. I didn’t feel like dealing with the shipping price, so I went to my neighborhood Autozone and bought some Rust-oleum sand colored vinyl spray paint used for car seats ($6.99 a can). I took a chance with this but I did a test run first with an extra chest part that I had.

It adhered nicely and dried very fast. The paint wasn’t tacky after the paint dried and the vinyl felt the same as it did without the paint. The only thing I had to be careful of is not to spray too close that it starts to create drip stains.

So before I started to paint, I took the doll apart, cleaned all the parts with soap and water and erased the face up off of the head. After the parts dried I started to paint.

I put each part on a metal hook, hung them in a box and sprayed each piece one by one. I was thinking that she was going to be Sand colored but as I sprayed her she was more olive colored.

So far so good!!