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She’s coming along!!

As you could tell from the first picture I had to really take apart the ball joints to get painted.

I did have to go back on some parts like the feet to clean up the drip stains while they were still damp.

Finished with the feet after re-spraying the mistakes and letting them dry.

The spraying is finished!! She’s dry and feels like she did when she wasn’t painted. Now I just need to string her back together and give her a face up.

Here she is…♥♥

It’s funny how they’re both the same head mold but now they look nothing alike. Plus I still don’t know what to name her yet. 🙂

Update (12/25/2011): I’ve dicided to name her “Nokko”. 

A word of advice for people who chose to go this route at their own risk

As seen in the last post I used the Rust-oleum Vinyl spray paint to mod my DD. In the post I read at the Den Of Angels the person who modded her DD used VHT spray paint and  (she goes by Haneino Tsukiko) and had great results as well.

But if you see this stuff….

DON’T USE IT!!! Steer clear of this stuff!!! Absolutely not good on Vinyl dolls!!

I thought about using this but luckily my eyes saw the Rust-oleum vinyl spray first. But I did experiment with it on one of my DD 1’s extra hands (a set of very creepy, thin, spidery hands that she came with).

This stuff is horrible!!! The spray paint never dried and remained really tacky.


Avoid using MSC spray!! I put some on the soft part of her chest so I could do some blush work. I found that the inside part of her chin kept sticking to her neck. I fixed this by rubbing alcohol on her neck to take off the MSC. Using diluted alcohol or Taimiya thinner which I use to remove face ups works well. Plus the spray paint remains intact. One thing I haven’t tried yet on her is the Magic eraser.

Update: Just rubbed non-acetone on my doll to remove some more of the MSC from her chest and neck and I noticed a little spray paint coming off. She still great as of now but definatly avoid Non-acetone. Still got to test the magic eraser next.

Well that’s all I have here for now. My project was a great sucess and I’m proud of the results!!

What does anyone reading this think??

Thanks for viewing!!!