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I visited the Volks store in LA yesterday!! I’ve mostly been buying stuff from the Volks website but I haven’t visited the actual store all year until now. It’s great not having to deal with the shipping price…but I almost forgot about California’s  8.75% state tax. Oh well.

Visiting the Volks store was a belated birthday/Christmas present for myself. Of course going in I had to still shop on a small budget. Damn student loan bills!! There was an older lady shopping in the store when I arrived that I got jealous of. She was in the upstairs Super Dollfie area ordering a FCS doll. Beside her where two hand carts full to the brim with doll goodies. UGH!!

What I was mainly after at the Volks store was getting some 1/6 dolls and rooting hair. Before traveling in I made a list of what I needed. Everything but one item was in stock and another item I changed my mind on. But before I get into what I got I want to show my photo space pictures.

The photo space was on the first floor this year. Probably because a lot of the 1/6 dolls which use to inhabit the bottom floor are being discontinued  😦   As you could see it’s a christmas theme like last year. I brought Tsuzuki (MSD Mario) and Agony (Sei Tenshi) with me on this trip.

Lounging on the gigantic bench.


That’s the end of my photo space pictures…

Now here’s my stuff!!!♥

Got this neat little booklet for free. Shows information about all the types of Super Dollfies. Information like how tall they are or how to get them.

What I came away with.

Starting with the Dollfies. From Left to right: Volks New EB J (natural skin), EB Excellent base body A (Light skin), New EB B (Light Skin), and an EB Mini A (Tan) body.

Rooting hair: Pale blue, Green, White, and Silver.

Another DDH-02 head for Saiyuri. Going to make this her mad face.

And finally the Neo-guy B type heads and some more dollfie water wax because I’ve run out.

That is all that I was able to get. I wish I could have gotten more 1/6 bodies because the EB line is being discontinued :(. I was told my the sales person that the reason why their being discontinued is because their no longer popular in Japan. This makes me sad because I was just getting more into the 1/6 dolls. I think other Volks dolls will still be around (Dollfie Plus/ Neo go Teens/Neo Go Guy and Momoko). Hope they all don’t faze out because I prefer Volks 1/6 dolls versus Obitsu. That’s just my opinion though.

Thanks for reading!! Have you been to the Volks store?? If so tell me about your experience!! 🙂