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Let me just say …..that I really, really, really, REALLY love the site Mandarake!!!

To start off, I had a really rotten day at my retail hell job today. It’s one of those days where you question yourself “are they giving me a lot of crap to make me quit?” But anyways, I left work and went home. I immediately felt better because my package came today!!!

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll remember that I took a trip to the Volks Store in December. I bought some 1/6 dolls and other accessories. But when I thought about it much later; yes I bought some dolls but I really needed more characters for my sets including the upcoming “Capitol Kaffee”. I had the workers but not the customers. I Couldn’t afford to buy more dolls when I was in LA.

But I had a break through!!

I’ve been looking though a website called Mandarake. It’s a company with several stores in Japan that sells used toys, manga, dolls, and etc. The site is in English and Japanese. It’s a great place to buy used stuff at a lower cost if you could find it. I found a sale of some 1/6 doll heads for 7,000 yen (around $77) 🙂 There was a lot pictured but I couldn’t read the sale description because it was in Japanese. I emailed Mandrake about it and they told me it was “around 30 heads”.

I immediately grabbed this sale because I thought to myself I could make lots of different characters and just switch them off the bodies I have. 30 heads from Volks alone would have cost around $500 ($17 a head).

I bought the heads on New Years Eve, the package arrived in the US on
January 1st, sat in customs for 3 days, and finally arrived today.

The moment of glory!!!

This bubble wrapped bag is packed!!!!! 


Dumping them out of the bag. I’m still in total shock at all of these heads!!!


I did a head count….35 heads!!! Mostly Volks, and little bit of Obitsu and Noix de rome heads.

There are various hair colors; some are straight-haired or pig tailed.

Plus I have a couple of multiple heads like the ones pictured above and below. This means that I could make various facial expressions for one character. 🙂

Her hair’s not long enough but I could probably make a Sailor Moon or Sailor Venus character from this head.

Oh, and there was some feet parts in the bag too.

That’s it for now. I’m so freakin’ ecstatic about these heads!! I really want to work on them now…but I first have to finish making some DOA swap gifts for my swap partners. But I got the weekend coming up to do something.

So what do you think?? If you had these heads who would you create with them?? 🙂

Thanks for viewing!!!