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I know..it’s a long title.

My work with my lovely heads so far ♥

I’ve thought of a lot of character ideas for these heads. Since I had lots of multiple heads with the same hair color I’ve drawn different expressions (angry and annoyed) for two of the characters.

I penciled in their eyes rather than using a pen. If I made a mistake I could easily erase it.

I’ve done some modding too!! I took a big risk and cut into the lips to form an open mouth. From there I filled them with epoxy putty which hardened the next day. I plan to make the pink head with the angry mouth one of those bitch customers who argue over getting charged 10 cents for a splash of caramel syrup in her latte.

Look closely here. These five are modeled after some famous anime characters. After some painting and hair styling/cutting who do you think they will be? 🙂

Here’s a hint:


I’ve tasted these before with the sweet soy sauce from my local Japanese grocer. Odd but not bad.

But going back to the topic…who do you think those characters will made to look like??? 🙂

It’s easy, take a guess!!