I’ve been waiting for these ever since I’ve been hired at my present retail hell job. Got ’em now!!

So what are these?

Sleeping bags!!! 10 of them. At my job I’m a part of a team which changes and re-arranges parts of the store early in the morning. The perks of this job is that some of the displays that get taken down are thrown away or can be kept by ourselves if their useable (like the tent and Monster High doll displays from the first “I love Free Stuff” post). The downside….the lousy pay and crooked managers but I won’t go into too much of that now.

The sleeping bags are perfect small replicas of the full sized ones sold in the store.

The zippers and pockets are totally workable. Guess who these bags are perfect for.

Perfect fit for the mini BJD’s!!

Like I said I have ten of these. But when I think more about that I really don’t need all of them. I have two mini BJD’s (and maybe my first mini girl soon) so 3 or 4 would be enough. I’ll most likely give the rest away.