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I’ve finally put pictures up of last Saturday’s Vegas doll meet at the Tea Time Cafe. Great place for Boba tea or smoothe drinks and Japanese food ♥♥

I brought two of my dolls Marius and Nokko with me. It was a fun meet seeing everyone’s dolls and chatting, and drinking my really good Boba smoothie. Here are the pictures I took.

♥ I must say that I’m glad that I got to see an original Dollshe doll!!♥ He’s the dark skinned doll on the left. I really love the old style ones before the company disbanded. Dollshe dolls are being made again with new bodies and head molds but I really don’t care for them. Especially since they haven’t remade the Bermann or Hound molds.

My two dolls: Marius (Volks Super Dollfie Ryo) and Nokko (Modded Dollfie Dream 1)

LOL! My Honey Dew melon smoothie with Boba. Cool and thick.

It’s silly but I had to take a picture of this good looking bowl of ramen. I love the rice cakes that must have inspired those crazy drawn eyes in anime.

Thanks for viewing!!!