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Oh well, I’ll just make my own. I have all of these white and normal 1/6 heads….I need to create more diversity among them.

Here’s a new mod that I’ve started last Sunday. I followed this website‘s directions as I went along.

I’m going to dye these two heads in Cocoa Brown Rit dye to create two black characters (Bald Volks/Obitsu rooted head). One of them will be myself in doll form. 🙂 I’ll tell you early on that Rit dye will not work on the hard plastic body. I’ll have to try a different method for it.

First I’m going to bring some water to a boil.

…and scoop 1/8th of a teaspoon or Rit dye into a glass bowl (I used a disposable plastic take out bowl since I didn’t have glass). I’m doing this in my kitchen so as you could see I put a towel down to protect my countertops in case of a spill.

I’m using a Q-tip to hold the bald head in the dye. The hair head I’ll hold by it’s pony tail. At the website it says that the dye shouldn’t affect colored hair but if it were blond or white then it maybe possible that it would dye. It’s something I’ve got to test out later.

Mixing with hot water.

Dipping the first head in for 60 seconds.

After 60 seconds, so far so good.

I let it soak in more because I wanted a little more darker.

Afterwards I rinsed the head in water and let it soak.

Next the hair head.

Sorry for the blurry picture…


Looking closely it’s a nice color but more on the red side.

You could see the red tint in this picture. They really do look like they’ve been dipped in hot cocoa. I’m going to read up at the Rit site to see what color could tone down the red to make a smoother brown.

To be continued..