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Up next: The body!!

I’m doing some experimenting again. It was my choice to use the materials that I’m showing to you in this post. I don’t know the absolute effects they will have on the plastic of  my 1/6 doll at this point, but that’s the idea of trial and error. I’ll keep everyone posted if this does turn out alright or if any problems occur.

 I’ve been looking around online about dying a hard plastic body and heard about using a surface primer for plastics. I read about surface primers around some of the custom figure forums that specialize in model cars and super hero figures.

To test this out I bought some Tamiya Surface Primer and Nato Brown spray paint.

This made spraying easier!. I took apart the doll and used some wire to hang them up in my spray box.

The wire is poked through the top of the box. What makes this a simple spray method is that I could just push the wire to spray each side of each part. Example: Spray, rotate, spray, rotate, spray, and so on.

This spray according to the state of Califorina is toxic and might cause birth defects and cancer if breathed in. I didn’t have any protective face masks around when I started so I sprayed outside and made sure I stepped away when the fumes blew towards me (it was also a windy day so that helped).

Looks good! I bought this from Hobby Town USA. The white primer was out of stock but the gray works alright.

I let the primer really dry and set for a day.

Then I went back the next day to spray the areas I missed. Also before doing the second spraying I wiped down the parts with a paper towel to get rid of any dust and dried primer specks.

LOL! Looks like zombie parts. She’s coming along really well.

♥To be continued!!