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A little side note: I could of had this post up much earlier, but my poor old Mac G4 ibook just couldn’t take it anymore. 😦  It’s hard drive finally kicked the bucket and couldn’t get past the “White screen of Death”. I’ll be replacing the hard drive the next time I get paid. So for now I’ll be working on my windows desktop. Boo Hoo Hoo….

I’m already missing Photoshop….I can’t resize my photos properly on Windows.

I wanted to go a bit more darker with the heads that I’ve dyed. I was curious so I bought a different dye from my local Dick Blick Art store. I’ll tell you now at this point not to bother with it and just stick with RIT dye.

That Dylon stuff only works on what it was made for which is fabric.

So I just did the Choco Brown dye again to see what will happen.

Not much change here but that’s alright. I still like the first results that I got.

Next the hair head. I found that after dying and letting the heads set out to dry that the color fades a bit. So I’m hoping that the second dip will make the skin more darker.

I also wanted to make another dark skinned character so I used a head with pink hair. 🙂 Plus since it’s a light hair color I’ll see if the hair will change color or stay as it is.

Looks like the dye is not good with light hair colors. But the skin tone is excellent!!

Rinse and soak!!

♥Looks better than last time!

To be continued!!