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Looks like chocolate!!

I’ve just sprayed the first coat of Nato Brown Tamiya spray over the primer coating. Before spraying I did the same step of wiping the parts of dust particles and making sure I got all vital parts covered in primer (I’m not going to bother with inside the joints because it won’t be seen).

The primer will peel off if sprayed on too thick making drip marks and also if it’s not able to really dry for a long time. Letting the primer set is really important. I let mine dry after each full coat for one day.

When doing the second coat the next day, I made sure to move the joints to get  the places I couldn’t paint before.

First and second coat of brown done!

Dry and ready to put together.

I have a slight problem here. The body is a great color but my heads are too light to match it.

I came better prepared this time.  The tan Rit I plan to use later on some other heads.

Plus, it looks like I’ve missed spraying some areas underneath. But I won’t worry about that now because I can always go back to it later.

Here she is!!! She’s really chocolaty 🙂


So much for “Perfect”. I’ve got some areas chipping.

I think it’s chipping because one thing I forgot to do is sand the sharp areas like around the knees, arms, neck top, and pelvis sockets where the joints rub.

I did a scratch test here and the color doesn’t come off. Again I can easily go back and sand then repaint those problem areas later.

Later, I darkened the heads in Dark Brown Rit dye. One thing I regret doing is rubbing Vaseline on my pink haired head. I was hoping that the Vaseline would make a barrier to keep the hair from being effected by the dye.


If you look close, you will see some light spots on the face which was caused by the Vaseline. I won’t do that again.

Bad photo…but here she is!!!! Her head faded a little but it’s really not too bad. Don’t mind the knots in her hair. I sprayed some doll hair spray on them, which will give the hair some body when I unravel them.

“Why can’t I wear a frilly dress??”


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