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I know, I know…where the hell have I been? *SIGH*

I’ve been busy with my retail hell job but still working at this in small bits.

“Were not open just yet I’m afraid. Sorry”

All this month I’ve been working on all of the small prop details. There was a lot of mold making involved. Thanks to the many tutorials I found on the web and at Youtube I’ve found some great materials to use to cast my mini props.

Making Syrup bottles:

This is the second mold I’ve made for the bottles. The first mold later tore apart because it was too weak. For the rubber mold I used Smooth on Mold Max 20. I bought it two years ago while I was in college but hadn’t used it much until now. Still works great. To cast I bought some Easy Cast from my art store. I originally planned to use Ice Resin but it was pricey and I was in a hurry to get started.

Next day, perfectly cured.

Making coffee pots:

This is my mold for a coffee pot. I did a neat trick with the Easy Cast. To get a look of the pot being half full I poured the first bit in clear, then as it hardened I poured in dyed brown Easy Cast for the coffee.

This is what I got. It still has to be sanded and cleaned up.

Also I have to make each one it’s own handle because the one in the rubber mold broke off.

Making the drinks:

Found a neat tutorial on Youtube about how to make a miniature Starbucks Frap out of Sculpy clay. Made a few of them for my coffee shop but of course they won’t be Starbucks brand.

1/6 head drying post?:

I question marked this because I really don’t have a title for this but it works out great for me. It’s to hold up my heads after I paint them or style their hair.

Cheap and easy doll stands:

*ReflectionsByIce at Deviant Art put up a great tutorial of this. The materials are cheap to buy instead of ordering a $5+ company doll stand.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I have some pictures already taken of Capitol Kaffe in action but need to tweak the story out better.

Be back soon!!