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   Welcome to the first story from Capitol Kaffe!! I wanted to get started on this because I’ve got so many story ideas I want to tell. The set that I built was starting to collecting dust from sitting on my work table. Like I mentioned in my first post, there are still many details missing in the coffee shop that I’m still currently working on (Pastry case, cups, sale signs, pastries/cakes, and etc). They’ll  all be added in as I post the stories.

The blog itself is still a bit naked and I’m still not too satisfied with the theme. I have an awesome intro to Capitol Kaffe that I still need to add in which will explain about the shop itself and how the workers got there jobs there.

Screw the horrible gallery mode!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I had the first CK story in WordPress gallery mode. I found that it works differently depending what computer or web browser you use Now that my old mac is fixed (but it’s program are outdated), I can use photoshop again. But enough of my rambling….story time!!!

Just a small note; Talle Moyenne that the lady customer mentions  is a french term which means “Medium size” in English according to Google Translation. I’m trying to do something like Starbu**s where they come up with size names in a different language that others still get confused over. 😀


Still have to practice making better layouts… 😕