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Welcome back! Here is story #2 out of Capitol Kaffe. I got this idea from how some store rules state that you can’t wear bathing suits inside the building, and from standing in line at the Panda Express on a Saturday last month.

Here’s how it went at Panda Express. In front of me were two girls who just couldn’t make up their minds about what they wanted. It went on for almost 10 minutes and by the time the server got to me my head was aching from how annoyed I was at them taking so damn long. . “Should we get the walnut shrimp.” “No lets get that Kobari stuff”, and so on and so on. I let the see that I was seething with anger.

A rule I live by, if your in line anywhere know what you want ASAP and be ready to order when you get to the server or cashier. It’s perfectly alright to look at the menu for a few seconds but don’t take half my lifetime figuring out what you want then changing your mind suddenly. Hey, if no ones in line then take all the time in the world. Your probably annoying the workers but who cares, no ones behind you. But anyways here’s that story but in coffee shop mode.

 BTW check out the first story again. It’s no longer in the horrible gallery mode but as a comic. Sadly any comments that were made were deleted when I erased the gallery (Sorry, only found out days later when I checked my e-mail). But feel free to type them again if you like 😀