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I’m making another store setting for my 1/6 dolls and for the SD sized ones. 🙂

A real challenge this time because I’ll be building big and small doll props.“Bullshit Bullseye” is a parody of Target. Yup I said Target because I USE to work there until I was recently forced out by my corrupt and over bearing supervisor. I’ll explain more later when I have the strength and anger to burn all of my red shirts and other Target paraphernalia in another post. It’ll be fun!! 😀

So far I’m building a 1\6 sized store isle.

Simple. Just took a bit of time to cut all of the little wood shelves.

Both sides and endcaps will have shelves.  Since I’m currently out of work I’ll have plenty of time to paint it and then build the SD sized isle.

Be back soon!!!!