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Let’s make some more!!

I bought green rooting hair from my last trip to the Volks store, which I hadn’t used yet. Two days ago I though, “why don’t I make another dark skinned doll with green hair!”  To do this I would have to cut the hair off of one of my blank heads. I chose the one above (a pig tailed head) because I have a few of that same type left.

Time to cut this off.

The hair is long so I can use the pigtails and the long bang for another project.

This head was really rooted tightly. I can’t cut the rest off so I use tweezers to pull out the rest.

Look at those rooting holes. They’ll help me a little when I reroot it with green hair.

Time to dye!! I’m using Dark Brown rit dye this time instead of Cocoa brown. I’m hopeing for a darker head this time.

In she goes!!

The camera doesn’t do it the color justice here. It looks a little purple here but from my view point it’s dark brown and wonderful!!

This is another head that I dicided to color since the dye is still hot. The only thing that worries me is if the hair changes color like my last head with pink hair.

For this head I’ll only submerge it for the recomended time and not longer like the one before it.


Now I’m going to let her rinse and soak in water with my other head.

Some hours later.

This makes me so happy!!!♥

GREAT!!! Best of all is that the hair didn’t change color! Such a nice contrast!