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♥I love my results so far!!♥

Look at how dark she is!!!

This is what I wanted last time when I dyed the first two dark skinned dolls. But I’m glad that I can now do different shades.

This is how the doll with hair turned out. She’s not as dark but still a great result! Plus I’m really glad that her hair didn’t dye.

Now to start rooting the hair.

I’m actually going to root the whole head; not just the holes from the previous hair.

For some reason she reminds me of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Maybe because It’s one of my favoride ice creams that I crave right now. 🙂

All done!! Well almost. I was trying out a few hair styles yesterday and I may need to add more hair in some sections.

Rooting her hair took me about a week to finish. I took my time with her because I was also rooting some other doll heads. In the next post I’ll style her hair and draw/ paint on a face.

This is kind of off topic, but this is a newer head stand that I made. I realized that the last one was just too small and I needed this one to hold more heads when their not used. It’s in a stair case formation so I can add in another slot if I need more space.

Be Back Soon!!!