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Face time!!

In this post I’m going to be painting their faces.

The head you see on the right is the head that I dyed back in part 1. I almost forgot about it until now.

Sorry for the bad lighting. I’m starting off by painting in the shape of the eye and the whites.

What do you think of blind eyes for this one? As far as the irises and pupils go, I’m going to color them in unusual colors. Different shades of brown gets boring after a while.

Light green to contrast with the hair.

For her I just thought of two shades of pink like Small Lady from Sailor Moon. Next I’ll paint on some lips.

In the next post I’ll style their hair. I’m trying to find something for each head that looks very stylish. If you saw those magazines in the first picture, those are what’s helping me decide.

See you next time!!! 😉