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Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Way before Halloween I’ve been wanting to put the Halloween theme into a Capitol Kaffee story. I put some Halloween decorations on the coffee set and made costumes for the workers. The costumes are not perfect because my sewing machine is currently broken. Everything was badly hand sewn but looks  a little like what I wanted. The costume theme along with some of the drink names is based around the Resident Evil video games which I’m a big fan of. I wanted to add in more detail like weapons and better gun holsters but time was very short and I wanted to post this on Halloween.

Here we go!!

Typical silly story with a creepy customer. Ever had one of those people who hit on you or make you feel uncomfortable at your job??

 ♣And for anyone who isn’t familiar with what a Melo-Tagla is; It’s a fat, gassy creature from Resident Evil 6. First seen on Leon’s campaign when he fights his way out of a church.

 Thanks for viewing!!!

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