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Here’s another DD project that I held off from but finally started.

Ok, I bought a new face (DD01) last year for Sayuri because I wanted to make another expression for her. It was sitting on my shelf collecting dust all this time until now. I wanted to make this face her “angry” face.

I also wanted to rework this head that I previously modded. I feel like going a little more further than this.

So lets get to work!

With a lot of strength the previous epoxy putty came out easily.

My plan with this head is to widen the mouth and make Sayuri’s “I’m totally pissed off!!” head. Sayuri’s first head is neutral/happy, her second head is angry or unhappy, and the third is extremely pissed off. Right now the head looks too happy so I erased the eye brows and drew what will be cut off around the mouth.

This is around what I want. I’m just going to clean up the mouth then paint the eyebrows.

Side view.

LOL! Looks like she’s biting my thumb.

Time to paint!

It’s starting to look good here!

Epoxy Putty. Looks like crap here but as soon as it dries tomorrow I’ll smooth out the putty.

♥Be back in a while!!