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This post is late showing but I still wanted to share what I came out with at the Volks store in LA.


I didn’t take many pictures in the photo booth this time around. Mostly because I couldn’t get many good poses with Nokko. I’m love this doll and her new skin tone but her DD1 body can be a pain in the ass to pose.


My main focus of what to buy at the Volks store was more 1/6 dolls…again. I did this last year but I wanted to grab at more of them before they totally disappear (Volks is discontinuing most or all of their 1/6 doll lines). I also wanted to buy some clothes for my Dollfie Dream Dynamite but there was nothing in the store that I really liked. I could have bought another DD head to mod or a really cool looking microphone and stand prop but I took a pass on them.


Here’s my damage which almost emptied my wallet (As usual when buying from the Volks store).



Ok, I got another Excellent Base body. I want to make another dark-skinned doll but I might just keep it as it is since this doll is tanned. Also got another big guy or Neo-Guy body. It’ll be great to add in another brawny character to my stories.


I grabbed these two at the last-minute as I was being rung up at the register. I got another tanned Dollfie Plus because I want to use the head for a second expression. I didn’t plan to get another Neo-EB man body but the price convinced me. The regular Neo-EB’s are a little cheaper than the “Yamato/Takeru” Who’s that girl dolls. Though they don’t come with a head, I’ve wanted to try one of Obitsu’s male heads on this body.


Lastly…more rooting hair and a Neo-Guy head!! I enjoy rooting heads with hair!! Finally got my hands on black and blue hair. The Neo-guy head prices are ridiculous. The one I got (H04) is one that you add eyes to. I plan to make this head into an idiot boss in one of my stories.

That’s about all that I got from the Volks store this time around. I hope to do much better when I visit again. Next time I’ll shop for the Super Dollfies and Dollfie Dreams. 🙂