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Story time from Capitol Kaffee again!!
I wrote this story in November when I was working at yet another retail hell store (CVS Pharmacy). I worked as a cashier which was the worst job you could have there. I wrote this when the store was really dead and there was nothing else to do (plus I had put in my two weeks notice earlier in the week and didn’t give a damn about the store anymore).


I thought about all of the times I had to work on Christmas. Personally I never liked working on Christmas because I’d rather be at home sleeping, relaxed in front of the TV with my family, reading, or crafting. Yes, you do get paid time and a half for working holidays but depending on where you work, the pay in retail either really sucks or it’s not enough when time and a half is added in.

When I work, I work my ass off. I work all other holidays, I work if someone calls out, and I’ve worked two jobs on the worst day of the year….Black Friday. This year’s black friday I worked 3am to 12pm at the first job and 2pm to 10pm at the second.  😛

After working all those days and feeling stressed the fu** out I want my Christmas off! But as always in some retail stores they only give that day off to “favorites” and upper management. Luckily I didn’t have to work on Christmas this year but I do feel for those people who had no choice but to do so.

Rant ended/ here’s the story!!








Any feedback about this comic is appricated!! Plus if you’ve had any bad or good experiances working on Christmas or Black Friday tell us here.

♥Thanks for Viewing!!!