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Job Fair_bullseye

Here’s a comic short of my new story Bullshit Bull’s-eye. We have a job fair atmosphere with two people in management distributing work flyers. Don’t they look inviting?

Yet again it’s been a long while since I’ve done anything with my dolls and these silly stories. I got a new job out of retail two months ago! It’s definitely not my dream job and it’s a very cut throat environment. But it does pay the bills……. for now.

I haven’t stopped writing about Capitol Kaffee. I just wanted to start a story of another retail store that had such an effect on me that I named it one of the top 5 worst places I have ever worked.

  1. Target
  2. Macy’s
  3. CVS Pharmacy
  4. FAO Schwarz
  5. Borders Bookstore

Plain and simple, it’s based on my experiences working for Target.

Why Target you ask? Why not Wal-Mart? Well you might think that Wal-Mart is the epitome of bad retail stores but Target is much worse.  I’ve never worked for Wal-Mart, but I think we’ve all heard everything about it from either a previous worker friend, or on TV where we hear about how they treat their employees. Sadly there’s nothing on TV about Target that highlights the bad side of the company. Then again maybe they have enough money put away to hide their mistakes.

First, what comes to mind about my time in Target hell was the bad management. What job doesn’t have them? Unless you work for yourself, you yourself are a good non threatening boss, or your just lucky to be in a good, stress and moron free work environment.


The team leads, executive team leads….screw the titles. Basically everyone who was management (minus 2 nice supervisors) were nothing but bullies at the store I worked at. They would try to get you on anything they could. One minute your doing great and the managers praise your work. The next it’s constant write ups for being accused of “not working fast enough”, “not working as a team“, or the silliest one I’ve heard; looking sad or mad instead of always working with a smile. Now what is that? Personally when I work I’ve had people tell me that I have a look of determination on my face. I’m not sad nor happy. I was working alone in an aisle and the store is closed. What am I supposed to smile at? The cereal boxes? The soon to be expired ramen noodles? The feminine douche products? Give me a damn break.


While at the evil bull’s-eye, I was a good worker. I was always on time, finished my work quickly, and got along really well with my coworkers.  I wasn’t a slacker or bullshit talker like the morons in management. I was just there to do a good job and collect my check after two weeks to pay my student loans. It was a job to do until I hopefully got something in my career field or something out of retail hell.

I was at Target for a little over one year and 3 months. Again in the beginning it was great but towards the end it started to get bad.

I’ll be sharing the experiences of my time there in these comics. Believe me I have a lot to share!

By the way…just in case your wondering, my job position was on the early morning Plano team. (Resetting isles by planogram, removing soon to be expired product, changing signs and graphics)

So have any of you worked for Target or any other retail hell stores? What’s your top 5 bad jobs you’ve ever had? Feel free to comment below.

Be back soon!