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After a long wait (mostly from fear and messing around), here’s my first story of Bullshit Bullseye!







It’s a short story but there’s more to come. LOL, I’ve just realized that I forgot to change the text color on the first page! It’s small mistake which I’ll watch out for next time.

And a little FYI for those of you who don’t know what “coaching” or “Glory Hole” is in the story. When I worked for the the evil Bullseye” you were basically “coached” when you did something wrong. You were asked to meet in an office by a supervisor/manager and either given a warning or written up depending on what the problem was.

“Glory hole”…

(LOL), I won’t go into too much detail but it’s basically a sexual term. In the story I used the term glory hole’s for those little black rings on the wall pegs. For the life of me I’ve forgotten what their called, but their used to push hanging product forward. I remember I accidentally forgot two of them while working on an isle there. It was ONLY two that I could have easily corrected but instead I got written up for it.  SMH…

See everyone next time!!

Please leave a comment on what you think of this story, or if you’ve also worked or are still working for the bullseye!