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As soon as I heard about the L.A Volks USA walk-in store closing I got very sad. The Volks store was the main reason I would travel to L.A. It was not a long drive, and I could get my supplies in store without paying for shipping. But now all of that has just changed. They’ll still have a web store but you’ll no longer be able go inside to shop.

When I heard about this in February, I immediately told my boss to give me both Saturday and Monday off (Work is closed Sunday’s). I started really saving up and used a little of my tax refund money. By the time it was ready to go I had my hotel room reserved, rental car to drive to L.A, money budget, list of cool places to visit, and so on.


Early Saturday at 4am I was off on my 4 hour drive to L.A from Las Vegas.

I arrived in L.A around 8am. After a few wrong turns I got to the store at almost 9am.


Before I arrived I really hoped there wasn’t a line wrapped around the building. Luckily there wasn’t. Only two people stood at the door. Instead of staying in the car I, walked up to wait at the door along with a few more people. I was actually 7th in line (Hurray!! :D). The other people in line that I stood near were very nice. We talked about dolls for a long while.

As we waited, more people showed up.


…and then some…


As the line got longer, and more cool dolls came out I went around and and took some great pictures.



At almost 10:30am, the Volks employees came out.


By this time there was a line all the way to the other end of the building.

The employees did a head count of everyone to start the lottery. I was new to the lottery system so I didn’t know at the time how it worked. LOL, I had hoped that they would let the first few people in line in first then distribute the numbers to everyone else (Stupid thought I know!).

But how it worked is that after the head count, they would put the total amount of tickets into a drawing box.


Basically no matter where your at in line, whatever numbered paper you pulled, that’s the order that you get to go in.


“Good Luck” indeed.volksclo16

So, I went from being the seventh person in line



………….Bloody Hell.


This is how it looked when everyone was either waiting for their number or waiting to line up in order. It was a mess but also hilarious. I heard a few people in the middle of the line scream because they got lower numbers.


Number 76 wasn’t bad because it put me in the middle of the line. But the nice people I talked earlier to got numbers in the 100’s. 😦


Waiting in line wasn’t bad at all.  The line actually moved at a good pace. It went by faster because I had some other great conversations with the people around me.


I made it!!! Going inside!! Sadly though the store is closing, you still were unable to take photos inside the store. But I can tell you from my perspective, that it was jam packed inside. The doll orphanage was in the center of the bottom floor and along the walls. Personally I have enough SD’s but what really set me off into a frenzy was the 90% off 1/6 dolls and $10 1/6 lucky bags!!!

As soon as I saw this I grabbed 4 bagged dolls with accessories, 1 lucky bag, and a boxed 1/6 doll that’s never been opened. I was in heaven! Then going up stairs they had all of the Dollfie Dream stuff out on a center table, wigs on the walls, lots of eyes on another side, painting/doll cleaning supplies, and FCS going on.

It was crazy both up and downstairs. I don’t know how many people I said sorry to for bumping my bag, butt, or elbow into.  As I went around I just filled my hand card with more stuff. I got two DD1 and DD3 heads to make more expressions, Grabbed some DD outfits and two wigs. I also had one of the DD microphones because I’ve always wanted to do a Karaoke story with the dolls.

I was in line maybe three times because I kept getting out when I saw something that I might of missed.

When I got back in line, it was at the top of the stairs and moving very slow. There I was holding an over stuffed hand cart (strained my right arm horribly because of if) and going down the stairs one baby step at a time to reach the register. By the time I was almost at the bottom, the Volks employees had to re route the people still in line upstairs outside of the building.

When I finally go to the register I was almost home free. When I saw my first total of everything (almost $400) I had to give some stuff up. I wanted to stay within my budget. So I gave up the DD clothes, microphone, DD wig, and some DD holding hands.


This was my damage. Thank goodness for my tax refund because I was still very much within my budget. Still had more than enough left over for dinner/lunch money, gas for the car, and other shopping expenses.


Can’t believe I scored this!!

Fast Forward to my Hotel a few hours later…


volksclo26Out of the bag.


Everyone got a free gift.



Jewelry Box. I remembered that I got one of these when I was at the second NY Dolpa in 2007. Lets see what’s in side.


A really nice necklace! Looks like it would go great on one of my DD girls.


1/6 doll bags that were $10 each!! Crammed full of good stuff.


When I grabbed this doll, by the looks of the box I hoped that she would have dark skin. We shall see!


DD 01 Closed eye head, DD03 open eyed head, MSD wig, DD2 white skin fist hands, and (an overpriced) paint brush.

I’m going to stop right here for tonight. I have lots of pictures to show which I will put up tomorrow.

If anyone was present at the Volks closing event, let us know. Did you have a great time? Get some great doll stuff before it disappeared? Or if you were unable to go share your thoughts of what you think about the walk in store closing, or what you would have bought if you were able to go.

Have a good night!!!