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Continuing where I left off, this is one of the 1/6 lucky bags. It’s a total set which contains a random mystery body, clothing, wigs, and etc. Let’s see what’s inside!


Lots of goodies!! 2 rooted heads, doll stand, socks, a dress, 4 wigs, an EB mini body, tote bag, and a sweater shawl.

Next I opened one of the clear bags full of more goods+ a doll.


Two more wigs, Midi body, two hats, and a doll stand.


This is the doll that was included in the package. I instantly recognized her from the Volks website/ store as one of the display models. All the dolls in these packages were the display dolls.


No problem with that. They’re in great shape and came with their original outfits and hair styles.


The next doll package.


I’m so glad I got this display doll. I’ve seen her a lot in the Volks store.


The next set.


I’ve just remembered that these dolls are called “Century Models” and “Who’s that girl” dolls. Way before this sale they use to be very expensive.


This is the last doll package.


I got the redheaded display doll!!! I distinctly remember her big hair.


I didn’t think it was this teased. I’m not sure If I want to leave it as is or try to style it into something else.

Another little story from the SD’s in my hotel room…


I made an appointment for the doll doctor on Sunday 3/16 at 11am.  I’m having him do a check up on Agony (Sei Tenshi) and Mikah (Classroom head B w/ old SD13 boy body). I could probably fix Agony myself but since he’s so small and also very precious, I’d rather have the doctor look him over.

Day Two


Sunday! My appointment with the doll doctor starts as soon as the store opens. I arrive a little after 10am. Luckily the big crowds all came on Saturday so there wasn’t many people standing outside that day. I met again with a few familiar faces from Saturday and talked with them while waiting.


At almost 11 am, the Volks employees came out and greeted us. They told us how the store was currently set up. They had moved whatever was left downstairs. Only the wig wall was upstairs along with the doll doctor. I was still itching to look at more stuff but first I met with the doctor for my appointment.


I’m very happy to have gotten permission to take pictures of the doctor fixing my dolls. It was very interesting to watch him work. 😀


I avoided the $39 stringing replacement. I just had the doctor tighten Agony and a do a check up. Before bringing him here, I wasn’t able to stand him up or prevent his head from sagging on his shoulders. These angels are known for being top heavy because of the head and wings.


Wonderful!! He can stand on his own again!!


Next was Mikah. I almost didn’t bother him because his outfit was so difficult to take off. I still had plenty of time, so the doctor when ahead and looked him over. I felt a little bad because I had washed him very good before coming over. He still has little marks on his body that I couldn’t remove. I’m very glad that I had the doctor check Mikah over and tighten his strings because he informed me that I had put his upper arms in the opposite sockets 😆

He had also let me know that since my doll is an old body that it would be better to put him on a doll stand because he can’t really stand on his own very long like the new bodies. With all that being said, I thanked the doctor and made my downstairs to see what was left.

From what I saw, they put more furniture out, doll clothing on the wall, more Dollfie Dream parts and bodies, and also more 1/6 lucky bags. One thing I didn’t notice on Saturday is that there were two types of 1/6 lucky bags. There was the Total body lucky bags that I bought one of, and also 1/6 dress set lucky bags.

As soon as I saw that, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I grabbed up 3 dress set bags. 10 bucks each why the heck not? Plus I’ve been struggling with making 1/6 clothing 😀

I didn’t open them until I got home to Las Vegas on Monday morning.

Monday 3/17

volksclo60 I didn’t get to buy any new clothes for my dolls. I decided while in store to just sew some for them. It’s just a cheaper alternative until I could afford to buy them again. I’ve sewn stuff out of all 3 Volks Pattern books but I haven’t tried a Dollfie Dream pattern just yet.


BTW, I didn’t just shop at Volks. Before traveling to L.A, I looked up some great stores on Yelp. I’m a big fan of mochi and dango treats so I visited the Mikawaya Sweet Shop and bought some home. It’s super good if you like Anko. If you visit just remember to bring cash (low bills like 10’s or 5’s).

volksclo52dinnerGot these from the Mitsuwa Marketplace! If your in Torrance and love all things Japanese this is the place to visit!!!


Another place I must mention in Torrance: Daiso Japan!!! It’s what I’d call a Japanese dollar tree store. Mostly everything is priced at 1.50 or less. There are other things that are priced over 1.50 which are marked. This place is amazing. Makes me sad to live in Las Vegas. Nothing like that here.


More stuff from Daiso Japan.


And MORE!! All this candy was a buck each. Matcha Pocky!!


Returning to the Volks purchases: This is my second free gift that I was given on Sunday. A necklace with 3 crosses.


Sunday’s purchases! 3 1/6 dress set lucky bags, and some clothing notions.


I also couldn’t pass up on these notions(mini buttons, zippers, belt buckles) for 1/6 and Super Dollfie dolls. In the sale, you got a little plastic baggie that you filled up with any notions you wanted for $5.

And this was inside lucky bag #1:


I have so many wigs now. I also got a male rooted head!

Lucky bag# 2:


..and finally #3


Now I know that I won’t have any problems with clothing for the characters in my stories!! The only thing I’m a little sad about is that I didn’t get any boy or man bodies.  Lots of girls though.



Well, that’s about it of my trip to the LA Volks closing sale and Torrance, CA. I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures from my experiences. Please feel free to chime in if you were in L.A for the sale. Or if you didn’t get to go  are you waiting for the web sale coming up soon? Any good comments are appreciated!


Nah….I think this necklace is more better on one of the girls… sorry Agony.