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Well..I did it. I thought I could avoid this. I thought I knew better. But it looks like I messed up when it comes to storing my dolls correctly. Damn!


I found Saiyuri’s happy head in my carrying case. It was laying on my SD13’s black gakuran jacket. I found it like this when I was preparing for my trip to Torrance, CA. This horribly large stain on her head, spots on her cheek and nose. I felt rotten when I saw this. I thought to myself what do I do? Also my plan in Torrance at the Volks Closing sale was to buy a closed eye head in the same mold for another expression. Not this one again.

Funny thing is that…….


in my haste along with the craziness of the sale, I accidentally grabbed and bought the wrong closed eyed head. 😦 Heck, I was holding an overloaded hand cart, people were surrounding the DD table stacked full of parts, bodies, and etc so I just grabbed what I thought was an 02 head and moved on. I never liked this head mold. As of today, this is currently listed on Ebay up for auction.

When I got back home I looked up solutions to see if I could save this head. At the Den I found a post that recommended using Oxy pimple cream (Maximum strength) to take out the stain. I like to experiment, so I when ahead and bought some.


Of course me being cheap, I bought the Walmart brand. The maximum strength Oxy cream was listed at 5+ dollars. This was around $2 bucks and has the same ingredients.


Dab the cream on the stain spots..


Wrap in plastic wrap..


They recommended setting it in the sun or under a lamp. I set mine on the window sil or just left it wrapped up in my room. If it dried out by the end of the day, I would wash it off and repeat the process.


Sadly I forgot when I started this. I think this was early mid week. The mark was dark gray and is now going into a light brown. I think it’s starting to work! I’m going to keep this up and see what happens. I don’t expect it to be totally gone but maybe enough to cover with a new face up.

Meanwhile…I did bite the bullet and bought another head from the Volks web sale. I couldn’t resist it at it’s low price of $29.50 (originally $46.00).

I’ll be back soon as the mark starts to fade!!