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(Please note: This is an old post from last year that I had sitting around. 2015 Volks Dolls Party has already taken place and I’ll soon be adding in the photos from the event :D)



I’ve been away too long from my own blog. Work and my own personal problems unfortunately got in the way. What brought me back is not only my will to keep doing fun work with my dolls, but the fact that I’ve been invited to Volks tea party in LA on Sept. 5th! ūüėÄ

I entered for a tea party invite as soon as it opened and luckily got picked by lottery! The rules state that I can only bring one doll with me, so I chose to bring my very first Super Dollfie boy Ryo that I bought years ago. Marius. I also wanted to dress him up for the occasion in something really cool.

I’ll admit that another thing that’s been keeping me away from this blog is my love for video games. I own some old consuls and I play the hell out of my PS3 and 4. One of my favorite game series that I play repeatedly is Assassins Creed. I’ve played all but the the mobile games.

I thought to myself, why not make Marius into a brotherhood Assassin for the dolls party? YES!

First thing I did was find examples of AC costumes online. I stayed with Ezio’s costume design from AC Brotherhood.


Picture of my game booklet. I used other sources such as game stills and pictures of cosplayers with great costume designs!

I also went through my doll patterns to see what I could use or modify for the costume.


I used part of a jacket pattern, it’s sleeves, and also found an old hoodie pattern that could help. Plus did some more measurement of Marius to make sure everything fits as it should.


With the jacket pattern, I drew the fold lines for the front and back of the tunic. I plan to cut all of the shapes then sew them back together to get that layered/fold design. I know I could have just folded and sewn the parts but since there’s so many folds/parts in different directions I found separating the pieces then sewing them less of a headache.



Front and back of the tunic. This is actually the second tunic I’ve sewn because my first try was just too small and tight on my doll. I noticed that Ezio’s costume also has some embroidery designs in the front and back. I found some white fancy fabric from Joann’s (one of those 99 cent quarters that they sell in various colors and styles) ¬†that worked very well. (hard to see here, sorry!)


Look at this!!!! 

When I sewed the tunic together I got some what of a cool looking Assassin symbol outline!! It’s such an odd coincidence¬†and I wonder if such a small detail was thought out in the games.


Testing the length and the size. Perfect so far!!


Next up are the sleeves. With the sleeves I did sew these differently than the tunic. Instead of cutting them I did the fold and sew method.



I almost forgot that little detail with the sleeve. As you can tell their little points But as this costume is already too detailed….


I just went with an easy ruffle. The ends will be cleaned up.


Sewn up.


There’s also a sort of grey tunic under the white tunic. I just used a simple T-shirt pattern with some grey fabric. Not shown here but I’ll be adding in some cotton lace in the V and collar part of the shirt.

Continued in Part Two!!