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 Time to do some sculpting! I got this idea from a cosplayer at Deviant art who also made an ezio costume (I forgot her name, sorry!!!!!)


She sculpted the belt then made a mold of it into another material. In this first step I’m using Super Sculpy.


I took this step slow but it was really fun to sculpt. I started a little at a time by forming each feather and just layering them together on the piece.


I didn’t put every single feather in like the original design but just enough that it doesn’t become over whelming.


Finished product. Not perfect but ok with me. Especially making it small for my doll.


Now baked and ready to mold.


Well….It’s a little big. But yet again I’ll make it work!

assa12I made the mold with Easy Mold Castin’ Resin. Really simple to use. Though not shown here, I used Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy to fill the mold.


Now I’ll make the armor.


To make the armor and weapons I bought some Worbla online. After watching some cosplay videos on YouTube about how to work with this material, I thought it would be great to use for my doll. I would also need some thin foam sheets from Michaels, a heating gun, and to draw up some patterns.


Crafting his hidden blade armor. I’ll unfortunately omit the blade since I’m strapped for time. Plus I wouldn’t be sure if it comes out right the first time. I’m using plastic and tape as the pattern.


I used the patterns to draw on the worbla. After I cut out the shapes I used the thin foam sheets between the worbla to thicken the look of metal and give it more shape. I didn’t take any pictures of my work at this point because I was having fun. I really didn’t want to stop.


The work so far!! After a couple of coats of silver paint, I started painting on the details in the armor.

assa1The Assassins belt! It didn’t come out too bad! I recommend buying the correct types paint to color epoxy. I colored the resin my own way by mixing in regular silver paint into the resin while mixing. In this picture it looks really silver but up close you could still see through it. I think the sash helps at this point. I also used some matted black paint to give a bit of a tarnished look.




At the back of the belt I also added the weapons pouches. Those ones like in the game that hold extra smoke bombs, poison darts, and etc. At this point, I went ahead and sewed his belt buckle, sash, and weapons pouches together so that everything comes off in one piece. When I experimented earlier with the sash and belt buckle together, I found that the pieces kept separating. Sewing/ gluing them all together works a lot better.


Finished buckle/sash!! I finished his shoulder armor too. Tiny bra hooks works wonders! I also used the hooks to hook the back of the sash together which is nice and hidden in this picture.


I did more gluing here with the shoulder armor and side cape. I had the same issues where the cape wouldn’t stay up. So now their both one piece.


The sword and hidden blade. Not bad looking but I definitely should have made the foam in the sword much more thinner.



Marius the Assassin is ready for the Volks Dolls Party!!!

So what do you think? Would this be something you would make for a doll or perhaps yourself if your an Assassins Creed fan? If so, what would you have done differently?

Well that’s it for this post!!! Though my photos are a year old I’ll put up pictures of Marius in his Assassins uniform at the Volks Dolls Party 2015.

Thanks for viewing and stay classy!!!! 😀